About Marie

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While attending third grade at North Coleman Elementary School on Long Island, Marie entered a poetry contest. Her poem, “Little Joe” won second prize. Not only was it read aloud to the audience, but a professional ballerina performed an “interpretive dance” to the reading. This was the start of her lifelong passion for writing and story telling.  She has been writing stories and poems ever since.

It would be interesting to note that when she was older, she spent a year in France studying the art of combining wine, bread and cheese and shortly after moved to Israel to study archaeology. However, she did neither of these things – not for lack of desire but simply because she is afraid to fly.

She did, however, become a medical assistant and has worked in the medical field ever since.  She was a medical writer for Florida Cardiovascular Institute and for the last twenty five years she has been the Care Coordinator for the Tampa Bay Adult Congenital Heart Clinic.  More recently she became a free-lance writer and Creative Communications Liaison for Harmonic Factory, a music studio in Tampa, Florida.

She has published articles on various topics in cardiology for web and in a local newspaper and her creative writing credits have been in marketing for Harmonic Factory, blogging and writing the lyrics for several songs which were recorded on various albums. A little known secret is that she also did a cameo appearance in a music video – though she did not help write  the lyrics on that one. If you would like a link to the video, leave a comment below.

Until recently her career in medicine and her career in writing ran parallel to each other. But when her niece was born with multiple congenital anomalies called VATER syndrome including a  perforated anus, kidney failure, a tethered spine and a heart condition called Wolfe Parkinson White, the lines between her careers began to blend.

Following a particularly long admission when her niece was hospitalized for almost an entire year, Marie formulated the idea of creating a series of books dedicated to children with serious and life-threatening illnesses. These books will be interesting and easy to relate to,  lighthearted enough to entertain, and will be respectful of the limited concentration time that seriously ill children can devote to reading.

Marie is a mother, an aunt and a grandmother. She received her Master’s Degree in Literature and Writing from Western New Mexico University and lives in Tampa, Florida with one dog, three cats and seven fish.






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