The Value of a Stuffed Bear – Priceless

Teddy Bears have been around since the early 1900’s.  While most of us have heard that they were made by Morris Michtom in the United States and named for Teddy Roosevelt, according to Wikipedia, a gentleman named Richard Steiff of Germany also produced a stuffed bear around the same time.  Regardless of who invented the teddy bear, it is undisputed that these furry animals have been a favorite toy for children since their beginnings and even in the tech-centered world we live in today, they have not lost their appeal.


These little animals play a key role in a child’s life.  They are soft and cuddly and provide encouragement and nurturing to the children who love them.  They are always smiling, they are available when friends are not, they can travel or stay at home.   Most importantly they provide comfort when children are anxious or lonely and provide security when parents or caregivers are away.  They are a perfectly normal tool for healthy child development.

For a child with special needs, chronic or terminal illness, who has to spend weeks or even months in the hospital away from the comfort of home, a stuffed animal can offer a sense of security and well-being when family cannot be there.

It may be surprising to learn that some teddy bears have become collectors items and are worth thousands of dollars. It shouldn’t be, though. Teddy Bears remain one of the most popular toys for over one hundred years. They are popular for all occasions and are loved by children and adults. Every one of them has a story to tell.

If you have a favorite teddy bear story, why not share it with us?


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