The White Bear Series

Book 1

Follow Angel and her best friend, White Bear, as they go on adventures any young child can enjoy.  White Bear’s Big Adventure is the first in a series of books for children facing life threatening illnesses, emotional challenges or difficult situations. Their siblings, parents and friends will enjoy these stories, too. 

The books in this series will be informative, easy to relate to, entertaining, and respectful of the limited concentration time that seriously ill children can devote to reading. They will focus around a diverse set of characters most of whom face the difficulties of chronic illness, but the illness will not be main focus of the stories. These stories are appropriate for children ages 5-12 .

Here are some reviews from Amazon and Barnes and Noble:

A must read

If you are the friend or family of a child facing challenges, this is for you. White Bear lets kids know that we all have issues to face and that there is someone, or something, waiting for them.



Five Stars

A wonderful book for those with children facing issues. Highly recommended for both children and adults!

Phyllis Brodsky on August 12, 2017
Format: Paperback


You can find White Bear’s Big Adventure in the following retailers:

Amazon Kindle e-book

Amazon – Paperback Edition

Barnes and Noble Nook Press



24 Symbols


Apple iBook

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